How would it be to live life Mr. Bean’s way?

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It was his birthday. With the innocence of a ten years old kid, he entered a five-star restaurant, to have his birthday dinner with himself. From the look on his cheesy face and rolling eyes, you could easily guess that he was in a five star for the first time. The manager pulled the chair for him as he approached the table. But, he pulled it back, staring at the manager. His not so mischievous mind might be signaled that the manager was taking his chair away. The manager did look repugnant, a weary smile on his face. But Mr. Bean wasn’t concerned. He sat down, wrote himself a birthday card, put it in an envelope, sealed the envelope using the glue in his tongue, placed it on the table, picked it again after a few seconds, unsealed the envelope, took out the card, and simpered as he looked at the card.

Wow!! A loved one had gifted him a birthday card. His ears all upright with a sense of pride. Yes, that was him. Mr. Bean.

I have always been a fan of him. Rolling in laughter while watching him doing all sorts of weird things. But, never did it strike me, someone, who doesn’t do anything other than excessive fidgeting and wriggling, and annoying people superfluously, is teaching the individuals the lessons for life.

Does it sound strange or something? Eh, I don’t know. Maybe. But when the grown-up in me watches him now, there are just not endorphins which spread the tickles in my brain, there’s learning too.

Interestingly, you only find what you look for, even in the most unexpected places.

Did you find something similar too?

But, that did teach me to grab the opportunities as they come, without giving them much thought. And always; always be ready to try out something new. There is so much to do out there, you never know you might surprise yourself by your talents.

2. Reach out to be a perfectionist: Mr. Bean has to be a perfectionist all the time, in all his approaches. Not for anyone else, but for himself. I mean, if he forgot to wear a pocket square on his blazer but his revolving eyes noticed that everyone else is wearing, he would find a square-shaped card after digging out all of his pockets, tear it into two, place it gently at the designated place, with almost perfection, and no one would know.

And then, there is me. I don’t care about those bits, do you do? Well, I should. And I think you should too. It seems like every bit matters.

3. Don’t give a damn to what others are thinking of you: I would not advise you to blow your nose hard just to pretend that you are wailing at someone’s funeral, not showing concern towards attendees’ rapidly changing expressions. I would also not suggest you carry a gift-wrapped alarm clock to someone’s wedding, which starts ringing right in the middle of the prayer. Because I know only Mr. Bean dares to do that.

But, we can, at least, do away from the uninvited comments, and undesirable glares, and let people know, our lives are none of their business. In other words, Mr. Bean is the extreme, we are the means. Let’s find a spot in the middle somewhere.

4. Don’t take life too seriously: When he had to test the functioning of the Christmas lights that he had chosen from the store after a lot of brainstorming and some serious analysis, he casually reached for the nearest switchboard, pulled out the plug that was already in there (which turned off the decoration lights of the entire multistorey building he was in), plugged in and got excited to see the packet in his hands glowing, switched the plugs again, and went on to make the purchase.

Such kind of carefree attitude may cause inconvenience and a bit of trouble too in real life, but wasn’t it fun? How cool would that be if we just take things easy, and just avoid putting too heavyweights on work, relationships, or even ourselves? Wouldn’t it be great if we try to look for fun and play in diverse situations life puts us in? Sure that would be.

5. Never give up: If you have seen him, you know he had to do everything that he felt interested in. And he would not give up until he is done, or if I say, made things more complex. But, we know, that if we start practicing the same with our dreams, we will be paid for that. That if we stay on our desired path with unwavering belief and unflinching determination, there is nothing that is not possible.

There is more that I can tell you, that I have noticed, but it would not fun to share it all with you. Fun would be to know your side. Fun would be to figure out what you think. If you have been a fan of him. You are the one who got grinning squinting expression not once, but several times because of him, do share your moments of laughter, and learning if you discovered any.

I can’t say how did I come across such a topic. It was a random appearance of Mr. Bean videos on my Youtube suggestions, which made me watch him one more time, but with a new pair of eyes, the ones that are focussing on good things only these days. And I jotted down everything that was causing the secretion of feel-good hormones and simultaneously enlightening me with the words of wisdom.

Here’s the last share from my list. Always be on a look-out for something. When it’s raining, look for a rainbow. When it’s dark, look for the stars. Do whatever. But just light yourself up.

Happiness is the fuel for life. But there is no smoke as a by-product, there is just more happiness.

Showers of gratitude. Your response will be highly appreciated.

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